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A Delicious Introduction to Istanbul - Peter, USA
We decided to start our trip to Istanbul with an Istanbul on Food tour (rather than the typical ‘sites tour’) and it was a great decision. Not only was it delicious but it left us really well-informed for the rest of the trip.  More importantly,we tried dozens of different Turkish specialties from the fairly well-known (stuffed grape leaves) to the quite exotic (prompting at least one ‘really? I have to eat that? …. Oh, that’s delicious!’ exclamation.) The highlight of the trip was the end, when we had lunch at the home of a lovely Turkish grandmother, where we got to learn how to make Turkish coffee, had a lovely meal and never wanted to leave. I highly recommend the tour; it was fantastic.

Amazing Way To See Istanbul - Carey, Canada
My wife and I had the good fortune to book a trip with Istanbul on Food tour where we spent 6.5 hours touring 9 restaurants and ate 42 dishes from all different meals, types of food and regions of Istanbul. It was truly one of the most memorable aspects of our trip. Our guide Korhan was amazing in the depth of knowledge of all things Istanbul and he took real care to ensure that we loved our experience. The group size was small (4 people in our case) and Korhan spent time with each person and got to know our preferences and dislikes and tailored our food experience to that. From foods we would never try at home like sheep intestine to more traditional Kebabs we tried and loved it all. If you want to see Istanbul, this is a great way!
Best Tour Ever! - Courtney, Germany
This was an AMAZING tour. I had never been on a food tour before and wasn’t quite sure what to expect but this tour has it all. We were a group of three girls and Korhan was the perfect guide for us. He offered a modern view on Istanbul while still giving some historical background along the way. We started the morning at the Spice Market on the European side, then crossed the Bosphorus to continue our food journey on the Asian side. Be prepared to eat, in fact you should probably start stretching your stomach the week before. I was full by stop two but managed to power through. We tasted everything along the way. I found some new favorites, ate some animal bits I never thought I would ever taste and came across an interesting candy combination that my brain had never even contemplated before. The best part is ending the tour with a Turkish coffee and having your coffee grounds read by a fortune teller. Hopefully you get good news! All in all it was worth every dollar and the information we got was considerably better and more awesome than the religious sites tour we had booked for the following day. We were answering peoples questions on that tour because Korhan had told us all about it the day before. Highly recomended! 
The Highlight Of My Turkey Visit - Michael, Singapore
I would like to thank Latif our food guide for an amazing experience. This was the highlight of my Turkey trip, apart from hot air ballooning in Capadocia. The range of foods that we had was staggering (at least 15-17 different places), and Latif brought us to authentic places patronised by locals and not tourist traps. As a foodie adventurer, I am glad that we got to try some exotic stuff such as Beef tongue soup and lamb intestines sandwiches. I will definitely do this tour again the next time I am in Istanbul.
Excellent Experience With A Fantastic Guide - Zane, United Kingdom
If you’re into food and visiting Istanbul, this is a must. You experience local cuisine at its finest at local restaurants which are buried away from tourists. It was a fantastic experience, start to finish. Our guide Latif was extremely well-versed on Turkish cuisine, culture and history. It came as no surprise that he was highly qualified academically in all three aspects. All with a fantastic sense of humor which often had me and my wife in fits!
Loved It! - Erin, USA
This tour was great. The cost was completely worth it because you get a full days worth of food and a trip of the Bosphorus included in the price. My guide was Latif and he is a trained tour guide so he was able to answer all of our questions and he taught us a lot about Turkish culture and history. All of the food we tried I would have never tried if I weren’t on the tour because it was all so unique but very tasty.
Excellent Foodie Walk - Patrick, USA
I booked “The Taste of Two Continents” walk and had a great time. Korhan and Leisa run an efficient and responsive outfit. Korhan led us from a typical Turkish breakfast on the European side and ended with a Turkish coffee and a walk along the waterfront on the Asian side. It was a lot of fun with a guy with a great sense of humor. Numerous tastings along the way. I’m looking forward to doing another of their tours when I return. 
Loved It! - Rachel, UK
I have just been reviewing my pictures from the trip and in every photo from this tour I look SO HAPPY. We had such fun. We ate non-stop from 9:15 to 3:15 and tried all kinds of food – some were familiar, some were not. Our guide was very friendly and charming, answered all of our questions. He helpfully explained when and how foods are typically eaten in Istanbul. He always told us what was in the food before we ate it, and repeatedly said we didn’t have to finish (or even try it) if we didn’t want to. In fact, he encouraged us to just taste, because there was more, more, more to try. (yes, there are a few places where you can use a bathroom). The highlight was lunch in the home of a real Turkish woman – a friend of the family, not a professional chef or restaurant owner. She is originally from the country and still has a house where she grows her own vegetables, but she lives in the city in the winter. By any standard she is an excellent cook and a gracious hostess. It was a great intro to the city and on the last day we returned to the spice market and bought nuts and dried fruits to take home with confidence. One of the best tours I have ever been on and made me fall in love with Istanbul. 
Istanbul On Food Rocks! - Mika, UK
I wouldn’t have enjoyed my stay in Istanbul so much, nor found it so interesting, if I hadn’t booked a place on www.istanbulonfood.com ‘s Taste of Two Continents food tour. Not only did I sample some 15 different kinds of food – from traditional to contemporary twists to fast food – I gained some great insights into Turkish culture through its cuisine. A great tour, and such good value, too. Korhan is an excellent guide, whose knowledge is encyclopaedic but he doesn’t impose it on you and he maintains the perfect balance between learned tour guide and companion. 
Awesome & Amazing - Mina, USA
Thank you, [to] Trip Advisor! For without you, we would not have been able to find this excellent tour and company on our own! We took the food tour with Korhan on July 24 after already having been in Turkey for a week so we thought we had pretty much eaten everything we could by then. But noooo! We had midye (and I mention this first because it was our favorite), simit (and I have yet to try to find a good place in NYC that has these), findik ezmesi, candies (lots of them!), pide, tantuni, ayran…I could go on and on. Suffice it to say, I wish I had followed Korhan’s advice and paced myself so I could’ve been a bigger glutton (pun intended). My friend and I also wished we could’ve known more about the Asia side of Istanbul since we spent most of the tour there. As for the logistics, the tour was very well organized. We found the meeting point easily (and luckily it wasn’t too far from our hotel). Korhan was punctual. He was also very entertaining and very informative. Ask him about his grandfather—he seems to have lots of anecdotes from him. If we ever return to Istanbul (which we’ve been talking about doing ever since we got home), Istanbul on Food will definitely be in our itinerary again. It was worth every penny.
A Food Experience You Shouldn't Miss - Anne, Australia
This local foodies guided tour hits the nail on the head. Breakfast with great views of the New Mosque is followed by a ferry ride across the Bosphorus to the Asian side of Istanbul. [Korhan] has found local eateries that serve authentic and delicious foods. His explanations of the foods and the culture associated with them, means you are delighting your brain and your stomach.
Great Food, Great Information & Lots of Fun - Anita, Australia
Loved our day! I love food, I loved Istanbul… and this tour gave me all of that and more!!! I loved it!!!!!!! What a fantastic time we had with Korhan… a great sense of humour, and a real passion for food and his country. We learnt and experienced so much on this tour. The Spice Market is a slice of heaven to wander through, but to have things explained, demonstrated and best of all tasted was a bonus. The extra touches such as being picked up from our hotel, the interest in what we were doing next and his recommendations on what he thought we would enjoy, just sets this tour apart. Korhan is young, very knowledgeable, and really interested… an experienced tour guide, he makes this tour special…. but the food is the ultimate reason for the day and we were not disappointed!!! So if you love food, and finding out about it and wonderful country of Turkey, this is the tour for you!