Why Book a Food Tour

“The soul comes through the throat.” — Turkish proverb

Food is as important when experiencing Turkey, as is the country’s long cultural history. Food – how we make it, how we eat it, and how we share it – is really the cultural embodiment of where Turks come from, and who we are today.  The food offered in Turkey is perhaps even more diverse and with a more complex history, than the cultural monuments of the country.

Are you visiting the beautiful Hagia Sofia? Also, eat çiğ köfte.

Do you plan to visit the imperial Topkapi Palace? Eat karnıyarık, too.

Will you make a trip inside the ornate Blue Mosque? Make sure you don’t miss out on indulging in kunefe.

Because, just as the famous historical monuments are some of the highlights of Turkey;  the country’s rich cuisine should also be experienced and enjoyed, in order to really understand Turkey. Tasting more than kebabs and baklava is important – and we are here to help you to taste the unexpected and the hidden edible treasures of Turkey.

Turkish meze
Turkish meze