I went to Istanbul and ate all the food! – Kadikoy Street Food Tour

Thank you for joining us! The delicious food that you tasted on your Kadikoy Street Food Tour included:

Tantuni – chopped meat, onion, tomatoes and spices, served wrapped in flatbread

Baklava – layers of yufka (filo pastry) with chopped nuts, and sweetened with syrup

Kadayıf – shredded wheat desserts, topped with sweet syrup

Kokorec   – roasted suckling lamb intestines served in bread

Pide – long flat bread, filled with toppings, like a long pizza.

Dondurma – Turkish ice-cream made with goats milk, sahlep (orchid root) and mastic sap

Midye dolma – stuffed mussels with rice & spices

Midye tava – battered & fried mussels

Beyran Soup – spicy lamb soup 

We have also included some of the recipes for you to try at home, just click on the links. 

Thank you & afiyet olsun! Istanbul On Food team.