Turkish Appetizer Recipes: Haydari

Turkish Appetizer Recipes: Haydari Haydari*Thick Yogurt Spread Makes 2 Cups Yogurt that is drained this way -in Turkey it is done by hanging a cloth bundle of yogurt from a hook- is also called torba yoğurdu or “sack yogurt.” It keeps well in the refrigerator for up to one week. Ingredients: 6 cups plain yogurt3 … Read more

Appetizer in Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine

Although it is not known by whom and when the first meze was made, it is estimated that the first appetizers were made by the Cretans as the appetizers are usually made with olive oil. The oldest available data on the olive tree are the 39,000-year-old olive leaf fossils unearthed in archaeological studies on Santurini … Read more

Turkish Okra with Olive Oil Recipe: Zeytinyağlı Bamya

Turkish Okra with Olive Oil Recipe Ingredients: 600 grams of okra1 medium onion3 large tomatoes5 tablespoons of olive oil½ tablespoon tomato paste½ tablespoon pepper pastejuice of ½ lemon1 teaspoonful pepper2 teaspoons1 cube sugar1.5 cups of hot water Method: Chop the peeled onions and tomatoes into small cubes.Using a knife, clean the heads of okra without … Read more

Turkish Şakşuka Recipe

Turkish Şakşuka Recipe Ingredients: 1 kg eggplant1 kg of ripe tomatoes3 cloves of garlicHalf a kg of yogurt1 teaspoon Sugar1 Coffee Cup Olive Oil1 teaspoon salt Method: Eggplants are peeled striped and divided into four in length, chopped two cm long, kept in plenty of salted water for 2 hours.Eggplants are strained, dried. Eggplants fried … Read more