The 7 Best Mussels in Istanbul | Ultimate Guide to Mussels in Istanbul

The bright, fresh flavors of mussels have been an iconic part of Turkish and Armenian cuisine for hundreds of years. The prized bivalves are often found on street carts and at restaurants all over town, from seafood markets to waterfront cafes. One of the most indulgent street foods in Istanbul, this flavor is perfect for … Read more

The Best Local Istanbul Restaurants

It is impossible to visit Istanbul without tasting the most classic flavours of traditional Turkish and Ottoman Cuisine during your stay at some of the best local Istanbul restaurants. But, what are traditional Turkish dishes and where do locals savour the delicious flavours of their homeland? That’s easy if you know where to go! In … Read more

The Sweet Taste of Katmer

White plate on table with fresh katmer sprinkled with ground pistachio next to knife and fork

Sweet taste of Katmer. When we ask our guests to name their favourite foods from their walks with us, one food pops up again and again… and again…. and again!  But it’s no wonder! What is deliciously flaky… … indescribably indulgent… … and quintessentially Turkish? Why – it’s katmer, of course! Katmer is an ancient … Read more