The 7 Best Mussels in Istanbul | Ultimate Guide to Mussels in Istanbul

The bright, fresh flavors of mussels have been an iconic part of Turkish and Armenian cuisine for hundreds of years. The prized bivalves are often found on street carts and at restaurants all over town, from seafood markets to waterfront cafes. One of the most indulgent street foods in Istanbul, this flavor is perfect for … Read more

Types of Turkish Kebab – A Kebab Discovery in Turkey

Chef beside large doner kebab meat on rotisserie being cooked by wood in istanbul restaurant kitchen

For most people, thinking about Turkish cuisine generally conjures up in the mind countless images of delicious meaty kebabs. But for the most part, these imaginings are limited to the standard döner kebab and shish kebab that the western world are accustomed to. But in fact, the types of kebab available in Turkey are countless, … Read more

Turkish Ice-Cream (Dondurma)

Cacao, plain and pistachio flavored Turkish ice-cream on plate with knife and fork

I love my baklava, and I love my lokum (Turkish Delight); but, even more, I love Turkish ice cream (or, dondurma, to the locals)! Literally the Turkish word for ‘freezing’, dondurma is the delicious local rendition of ice-cream. A little different to western-style ice-creams, however; Turkish ice cream is sweet, creamy, stretchy and sticky at the same … Read more