The 7 Best Mussels in Istanbul | Ultimate Guide to Mussels in Istanbul

The bright, fresh flavors of mussels have been an iconic part of Turkish and Armenian cuisine for hundreds of years. The prized bivalves are often found on street carts and at restaurants all over town, from seafood markets to waterfront cafes. One of the most indulgent street foods in Istanbul, this flavor is perfect for … Read more

Turkish Raki | Complete Guide for Beginners

Friends tossing and cheering with Turkish raki

Americans or Europeans sip wine with the meal, British do beer, and Turks sip their Raki. Savored slowly with best friends or family, either on a special occasion or a casual gathering, after the sunset or before, Turkish Raki aka -Lion’s milk- is a centuries-old alcoholic beverage that has its own distinctive flavor and culture … Read more