Istanbul’s Markets – The Locals’ Favourites

When local Istanbulus think about purchasing fruits, vegetables and other tasty foods, they have a myriad of options available to them, from any number of different markets (pazars) situated all over the city.

One of the largest markets in the city is still the famous Spice market. As a part of New Mosque complex, the Spice market was constructed during the 17th century and is even now the renowned spice center of Istanbul. It is a place known for selling not only spices, but also fresh olives and cheese, cooking utensils, BBQs (mangals), dried fruits and nuts. The spices and other commodities for sale at this wonderous marketplace are still sold at reasonable prices. Hence, it’s not only tourists who frequent this area, but also many local shoppers prefer to buy their spices from here.

Inside the enormous number of other local markets staged throughout Istanbul, you can find the fresh fruits and vegetables locals use to prepare delicious Turkish food. Local markets are favoured by locals for their extremely fresh produce and very affordable prices. For tourists, joining a tour guided by a local Istanbulu during your visit will help you to better understand the rich culture of the city and the importance of the local markets. Visiting the food bazaars will help you to learn about the quality of food available to the households of Istanbul, and which foods are included in local dishes.

Istanbul certainly has no shortage of markets to choose from, and a highlight of many visitor’s trips to Istanbul includes visiting one of the local markets. Having the opportunity to wander leisurely through the market, sampling the fresh local produce, bargaining for a bite to take back to their hotel, and immersing themselves in a centuries-old Turkish custom is really a great way to spend an afternoon… or two.