Spice Market

The Spice Market (also known as the Egyptian Bazaar) is one of the largest markets in the city – and one of the best places for tourists and locals alike to sample and pick up a variety of traditionally Turkish goods. Constructed in 1660 as part of the New Mosque complex, the Spice Market has been the centre of the spice trade in Istanbul for more than 350 years – and still is!

The Spice Market was originally known as the Egyptian Bazaar because it was famous for selling goods and spices shipped in from Cairo. However, you can find a myriad of Turkish delicacies within it’s walls nowadays; including dried fruits, nuts and, of course, the famous lokum (Turkish Delight), to name a few.

The winding streets surrounding the Spice Market are also abundant with foodie treasures – selling everything from the some of the best Turkish coffee in Istanbul, to cheese and olives, to cooking utensils and mangals (Turkish BBQs).

The Spice Market truly takes you back to a time-gone-by and many hours can be spent pleasantly meandering through and around it, sampling and purchasing many delightful bites.